In food retail, many actors interact with much equipment and technical devices in order to provide best and appealing products to customers. Due to the inherent complexity and the daily thus manual interactions, faults and sub-optimal conditions occur – with diverse technical, promotional, and safety aspects. Any documentation of these faults is currently time consuming as they have to be registered and communicated to any centrally managed hotline, who actually do most of the documentation. As not all data and already deduced information can easily be transferred, the fault documentation is somewhat limited in localization, accuracy and completeness.

QuickTell is a work tool for personnel of food retail stores to quick & easy capture and report any type of faults – building technologies, refrigeration systems, hvac systems. Users can create a ticket and connect it to a market. Furthermore, the user fills in detailed information regarding his/her observation, takes a photo or video, and selects a pre-defined recipient who will follow-up on the issue. A Quick way to report and solve faults in food stores.