What we do

ChillServices supports food retail companies in digitizing their facilities, identifying opportunities for energy and emission savings, and implementing economically attractive solutions.

We offer smartphone-based tools that generate customized insights based on contextual image and data inputs. In addition, we upgrade the positioning of temperature sensors in refrigeration cabinets, which demonstrably results in energy savings, reduces the need for maintenance, improves food safety, and has a 2 year ROI.

We also provide recommendations for a range of energy efficiency measures (LED, valves, door components) for cooling cabinets. This bases on scientific studies we did with leading universities including laboratory testing, modeling, large scale monitoring and bench-marking.

Our vision

We know that enormous emission savings can be realized in the cooling sector. We believe that those companies who position themselves at the forefront of corporate responsibility will be leaders in innovation in their field and the market leader not only of today but of tomorrow.

We want to support a zero-carbon society. We perceive the lack of intuitive insights and reliable facts to be the key barrier for action. Therefore, we deliver tailored solutions based on aggregated analyses. We aim to make emission savings a by-product of responsible, intuitive, and well-informed management.

We address new forms of cooperation – also in-house with a decentralized setup. We are located in Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands and work with many academic and industry partners all over Europe.